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Whole Wheat Honey Apple Muffins

I have apples and pumpkins on my mind, since autumn is in full swing! And these Whole Wheat Honey Apple Muffins make a great breakfast item for this season! They’re made with whole wheat flour, Greek yogurt, honey, and olive oil, and topped with a brown sugar streusel topping.

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Tangy Honey Coleslaw

Coleslaw is a great side dish, not only for summer and picnics, but for all year round! I really like this coleslaw—it has a little sweetness from honey and a little tang from apple cider vinegar…and those are both good-for-you ingredients! There’s chopped onion and green pepper in this, too, which gives this slaw a nice crunchiness!

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Blackberry-Honey Lemonade

Drinking lemonade in the summertime is always a treat, and it can be a nice change of pace trying out different lemonade flavors. I’ve made Strawberry Lemonade, so I thought I’d try making some lemonade with blackberries. And I wanted to sweeten it with honey instead of sugar to make it a little healthier—I’m not sure if it’s really that much healthier, but the honey gives this lemonade a nice light sweetenss!

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Buttermilk Honey Biscuits

If you like tender, flaky, easy-to-make biscuits, these Buttermilk Honey Biscuits are for you! They’re actually not very sweet, even with the honey—they might just have the very slightest hint of sweetness, but I think the honey slightly mellows out the tang of the buttermilk, and the buttermilk helps give the biscuits a tender texture.

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Peanut Butter-Honey Cereal Bars

If you’re a fan of peanut butter, here’s a chewy treat for you to try! These Peanut Butter-Honey Cereal Bars are full of peanut butter flavor and sweetened with brown sugar and honey! These yummy cereal bars have a delicious crunchiness too, thanks to the Cheerios™ and Rice Krispies® cereals used in this recipe.

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