Photography is one of my favorite hobbies. I studied black and white photography some years ago at an art college, using a manual Minolta camera for my shots and developing my photographs in a darkroom. It was fun working in the darkroom, seeing the images emerge on paper and creating special effects with various equipment. But it was expensive, too. Now I appreciate the affordability that digital photography offers, with Photoshop as the new darkroom. Here are some photographs I’ve taken that you may recognize…I’ve used a few in some of my posts!

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21 thoughts on “Photography

    1. nancyc Post author

      I’ve always enjoyed it, but hadn’t done that much until I started my blog. Now I have a place to put my photos! 🙂 You’ll have to give me some photography tips sometime!

  1. Wendy Ferrell

    Dear Nancy,

    We really loved your extensive collection of recipes along with such amazing photography! Because of this your blog made the list of BlueStar’s Top 100 Foodie Bloggers of 2012!


    Wendy Ferrell
    Coordinator, Influencer Outreach
    SmartClick Advertising

        1. nancyc Post author

          I like using natural light the best–I don’t have any special lighting equipment right now. I have a big window that gets really great light coming through at certain times of the day, so I have a short table right by the window that I use to set food, or whatever I’m taking a picture of, on. The only downside is I have limited time to take photos! If it happens to be a darker day and the natural light isn’t great, I brighten it up in Photoshop, which comes in handy for that!

          1. Patty Nguyen

            That sounds just like my setup! I love natural light and I do my editing in Lightroom. But since there is such a small window of good, usable light, I’ve been looking into the Lowel Ego light stand. Some food photographers swear by it and I would like to have a backup light source. We shall see!

            1. nancyc Post author

              I may have to invest in something like that, too, because it is kind of hard making recipes and getting them photographed at just the right time! It would be nice to have a little more flexibility!


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