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Black Bean Chicken Chili

I was searching for a chicken chili recipe and couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I came up with this recipe. I really love this chili! It tastes great and it’s a little healthier than your typical chili. It’s made with chicken instead of beef (If you’d rather use lean ground beef instead of chicken, that’ll work too), and lots of tasty ingredients like onion, garlic, tomatoes, corn, black beans, and fresh cilantro.

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Brownie Mix Cookies with Sprinkles

Not long ago, I posted a recipe for Chocolate Chip Brownie Mix Cookies, and here’s another version of these easy-to-make cookies—these brownie mix cookies are a little different in that they’re made with oil instead of butter and 2 eggs instead of 1, plus a small amount of milk. They’re chewy in the middle and crispier around the edges…and they’re topped with lots of colorful sprinkles!

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Espresso Granola

Granola lovers and Espresso lovers, this Espresso Granola just might be a dream come true for you! It has a nice Espresso flavor, thanks to the Espresso powder mixed in with the other ingredients. You really do need to use the Espresso powder in this recipe to get the full flavor effect!

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Easy Pantry Minestrone

I’m glad the weather has warmed up, but there still are some chilly days ahead of us, and on those kind of days, soup makes a great meal! One of the things I like about Minestrone soup is the variety of veggies and beans it has in it. And it really is very easy to make!

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Sun-Dried Tomato Turkey Wraps

These Sun-Dried Tomato Turkey Wraps make a tasty and easy meal on a warm day—perfect in the spring and summer seasons! They have lots of good and healthy things in them…lean turkey, a mix of baby spinach and lettuce, julienne cut sun-dried tomatoes (from an oil-packed jar)—or roasted red pepper strips, cucumber strips, and some sliced olives and/or red onion. And some cheese—I use Muenster or Provolone, but you could use your favorite cheese slices. All this is wrapped up in a tomato-basil flour tortilla!

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