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Ranch Deviled Eggs

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you! So far, we’ve been having beautiful weather! If you have any picnics or potlucks planned for the holiday weekend, this is a great recipe to keep in mind! Everyone loves deviled eggs, and these Ranch Deviled Eggs are a little different from traditional deviled eggs—they have some ranch dressing mix added into the yolk filling, which gives them a little zing and tastes wonderful!

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BLT Roll-Ups

Have you ever made “roll-ups”? Sometimes they’re called “pinwheels.” I’ve made a few different recipes like that: Salsa Roll-Ups and Veggie Tortilla Pinwheels. And here’s another really good roll-ups recipe that’s perfect for springtime—it’s light, fresh, and really tasty! It’s a recipe called BLT Roll-Ups, and it’s from a cookbook called The Living Table: Recipes and Devotions for Everyday Get-Togethers by Abby Turner.

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Charcuterie Snack Board

Charcuterie Boards are fun to make, and they’re great for special holidays throughout the year, as well as for fun get-togethers and game day snacking! I made this one with fresh fruit, dried fruit, veggies, dip, nuts, cheese, and crackers, but you could also add in slices of meat, like salami or smoked sausage slices. And if you’re not crazy about any of the items in this recipe, you can easily substitute other items of your choice!

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Olive Tapenade

I love olives and have bought olive tapenade many times, but never made it myself, until I made this recipe from a cookbook that I reviewed some years back called Clean Food by Terry Walters. Olive Tapenade is delicious and so easy to make. It makes a great snack that’s healthier than chips and dip, or just when you want something a little different.

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Slow Cooker Plum Sausage and Meatballs

Here’s a recipe to keep in mind for a party, casual gathering, or fun game-watching…and it makes a great snack anytime! These Slow Cooker Plum Sausage and Meatballs are really good and easy to make! The plum jam gives the sauce in this recipe a really good flavor. If you don’t have plum jam, you could substitute apricot jam or apple butter—I’ve read that these have a similar flavor to plum jam.

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