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Eggnog Cookie Bars

Here’s a yummy treat if you have any extra eggnog! If you’re a fan of this holiday beverage and if you like lots of frosting on your cookies, then you will enjoy these Eggnog Cookie Bars—they have a wonderful eggnog flavor and you could say that they are generously frosted! 🙂

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Egg Nog Muffins

I had some extra egg nog, so I decided to create an egg nog muffin recipe of my own. These muffins rise very nicely, with wonderfully rounded tops. They’re not overly sweet, so they’re great spread with butter, jam, or even some cranberry chutney…and the Egg Nog Glaze adds a nice touch of sweetness on top!

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Egg Nog Blondies

I mentioned a few posts ago that I had finally purchased some eggnog this season and was wanting to try some new egg nog recipes. And this is the first one I decided to try…Egg Nog Blondies. I really didn’t know what to expect…but after tasting them, I can tell you they are really yummy and moist, and even if you aren’t crazy about eggnog, the eggnog flavor is so subtle that I’m sure you would like these!

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Egg Nog-Cranberry Muffins

This muffin recipe is great for a holiday breakfast, brunch, or snack, and it also comes in handy if any of you happen to have eggnog left over after the holidays. I always buy eggnog every year—it doesn’t seem like the holidays without it—but I always end up with extra. And it’s so rich, you can’t really drink a lot of it. So baking with it seems like the perfect way to finish using it up.

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Egg Nog Bread

One of the things I enjoy about Christmas is the chance to have some eggnog. I don’t drink a lot of eggnog, but I do enjoy some now and then at the holidays. I thought it would be fun to try using eggnog in a recipe, so I made this Egg Nog Bread! I added an eggnog glaze to it, and I really liked the way it turned out!

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