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Pumpkin-Maple Bread Pudding

Pumpkin bread pudding just sounds like fall, doesn’t it? Especially if you bring in the flavor of maple syrup! I had made this dessert a few years ago, and thought it was okay, but I really wanted to see if I could improve upon it. I do like this new version so much better! It’s dense and moist, with lots of pumpkin and spice flavor. I really like this bread pudding with additional maple syrup drizzled over it, but you could also top it with caramel sauce or whipped cream.

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Donut Bread Pudding

I like donuts (especially chocolate-iced and cream-filled donuts) but I rarely buy them, since I try not to keep sweets like that around my house—it’s just way too tempting! But I made this Donut Bread Pudding and thought it was a great recipe—I love how you can take all those extra donuts you don’t want laying around and create a yummy dessert with them!

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