Naturally Lovely Thanksgiving Table Ideas from Martha Stewart

Still trying to figure out how you’re going to decorate your Thanksgiving table? I found some clever ideas over at (all photos shown are from Martha’s website). The nice thing is, most of these ideas involve using natural elements like leaves, nuts, gourds, fruit…things you probably already have on hand. And you can use decorative containers that you already have on hand, too.

The centerpiece shown above is a great example…this arrangement has kumquats, squashes, and a bell pepper in a ceramic compote. You can also use other orange-colored fruits and veggies like miniature-size pumpkins, persimmons, carrots, and oranges. If you have any pretty milk glass bowls or containers (I’ve found some great milk glass pieces at local flea markets that were very reasonably priced), those would also work beautifully in this type of arrangement. Or use glass containers, like a trifle bowl.

If you don’t have any pretty glass containers, you can always fill baskets with fruits and veggies for an attractive tabletop arrangement. I love the little basket favors on top of each place setting…they’re so cute and homey!

Pottery containers or other types of bowls would work, too, even if they don’t all match (wooden bowls would look really nice). Have fun mixing different shapes and sizes in your arrangement and fill the smaller containers with nuts. I never realized how elegant an arrangement of pears and nuts could be!

If  you really want an elegant look, you might want to spray-paint miniature pumpkins, one for each place setting, and add a place card with each one.

I really liked this idea of using vivid fall leaves, clipped right from your own tree, and arranging them over a plate or charger. Then just add a clear glass plate on top of the leaves. You couldn’t buy plates any nicer than that!

And if you have a sweet gum tree, here’s a great use for those pesky, prickly spurs! What a great idea to use them as unique place cards!

The idea of using a pear (or apple) as a place card is very clever, too!

Create an elegant, feathery napkin holder by tying some ribbon around a napkin and sliding a pretty feather between the napkin and ribbon, or cut a slit through the ribbon in the front center, and slide the feather through the slit.

And one more idea…an easy-to-make napkin ring using ribbon and beads! Just cut a ribbon 18 to 22 inches long, trimming the ends diagonally. Wrap the ribbon around a napkin and thread both ends of the ribbon through a bead in front. Pull on the ribbon ends to tighten around the rolled napkin.

Hope this post gives you some ideas to add a touch of natural beauty to your Thanksgiving table!

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