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Rustic Plum Tart

I’m not the greatest pie-maker…I still need to improve my baking skills in that area! So I thought I would attempt an easier recipe, and this Rustic Plum Tart I found at MyRecipes seemed like a good place to start. The original recipe has a note that says, “If the plums are very ripe, their juices may ooze out of the tart and onto the parchment paper [lined pan], but this adds to the desserts’ rustic charm.” When I made my tart, there was a little oozing, but not that much, and I really liked the rustic look of this tart. There’s a syrup made from the extra juices of the plums, which is drizzled over the entire tart after baking and then drizzled a little more on each piece when served. Those drizzles of syrup makes the tart really yummy!

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