Create a Candy Buffet Bar: Tips from Jackie Sorkin

I see candy buffet bars at more and more events! I’ve never put one together myself, but think it would be fun creating one after receiving some helpful tips from Jackie Sorkin, owner of Custom Candy Buffet Bars. Jackie is an event planner in Southern California and has created candy buffet bars for clients ranging from American Idol and The Emmy Awards to The American Cancer Society and Girl Scouts. In addition to working with major corporations and celebrities, Jackie and her staff create special candy buffets and dessert bars for weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, and other events (all photos shown are provided by Jackie Sorkin).

Jackie and her staff even create special candy creations like this revolving Ferris Wheel…now that’s pretty impressive!

With the spring season coming up, there are lots of opportunities for you to create your own candy buffet bar…Easter, Mother’s Day, graduation, birthday celebrations, and children’s parties, to name a few. Here are tips from Jackie to help you get started!

  • Pick a theme or color scheme that will serve as direction when picking out props, candy colors, and treats.

  • Locate a space that is visible to your guests which will allow your candy buffet to be a beautiful or fun decorative addition to your event…like a foyer, existing bar, or on a patio.

  • Select interesting vessels and containers for your candy. They don’t have to be the same; mix them up but make sure they all flow together. Vintage shops and thrift stores are great for finding interesting pieces.

  • Select your candy by color–you can also include some custom treats which are made in your color scheme or theme from your local bakery.

  • Don’t forget scoops and tongs–always keep it clean!

  • Provide your guests with goody bags or boxes to grab some treats as a to-go favor.

Jackie also adds, “Personalization is everything! Every event should feel unique and special and your candy buffet or dessert bar is a fantastic way to do this.”  You can have personalized decals for containers or bags, special signs and labels for your buffet bar, and decorative touches like ribbons, bows, and glitzy rhinestones (always a huge hit with brides). Jackie says her Cotton Candy Trees are popular displayed on buffets, too.

So use these tips for inspiration and create a unique candy buffet bar for your next party or event!

Now after looking at all this candy, I think I’m gonna have to go and grab something sweet! 🙂

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25 thoughts on “Create a Candy Buffet Bar: Tips from Jackie Sorkin

  1. dsgnmom

    This post is a FEAST for the eyes! The colors are magnificent. Thank you so much Nancy! I added you button to my favorite blogs on my page…. Thank you for all your kind words and much continued success!


  2. Athena fedenis

    I just LOVE your work! I wish somehow I could see more pictures of your work. But I can’t find You anywhere else but here! I wish I could see your cotton candy tree better. THANK YOU for sharing your ideas and tips! I do lots of different fundraisers and the next one is cops for kids. I live in Michigan and it is so sweet to want to help others out1 Truley blessed You are!


  3. Jeanna

    I would love to do something like this… I have the Stylish blogger award for you. Come on over and pick it up @



  4. UrMomCooks

    We are doing a candy/ice cream/cookie bar for my daughter’s wedding in November so I appreciate any tips I can find!!! The idea of personalized labels is a great one – will I lose my mind before I can get that done???


    1. nancyc Post author

      What a great idea for your daughter’s wedding! I’m sure it will be beautiful! You’ll have to post pictures of it on your blog afterward!



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