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Happy Autumn!

There’s just a few more hours of summer left…and while I will miss those long sunny days, I have to admit I’m looking forward to fall. As much as I love the bright, clean colors of summer, I also love the rich, deep colors of autumn that can be seen both inside and out…from autumn flowers and colorful turning leaves in the neighborhood to beautiful pillows, wall-hangings and tableware that add warmth to the home.

Bringing the rich color of the outdoors inside with fresh or dried flowers is a great way to decorate your home. Here are some flower tips I found in a magazine called Natural Home & Garden that you may find helpful.


  • When cutting stems, use a sharp knife or scissors and cut while holding under cold water.
  • Splice the ends of large stems to allow greatest water absorption.
  • Add a spoonful of sugar plus a few drops of lemon juice to your vase water to keep the flowers fresh longer.
  • Perk up wilted flowers by placing the stems in hot water for 20 minutes; then return to vase water.
  • To dry flowers, combine 30 percent borax and 70 percent white cornmeal. Cover flowers entirely and leave for several weeks.

(Source: Haley’s Hints Green Edition by Graham and Rosemary Haley.)

So enjoy your flowers and the rich autumn colors this season!

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