Springtime and Easter Cupcake Cuteness

Cupcake Cuteness1 @ NancyCTake a look at these really cute cupcakes my friend Ann made! She actually made these a few years ago, and I had the easy part–I just took the pictures! 🙂 Ann used some fun sprinkles, edible decorative flowers, and some chocolate eggs covered with a speckled coating (you could also use malted milk speckled eggs). I thought these were so adorable…perfect for springtime and Easter! So I’m reposting these to give you some Easter and spring cupcake decorating inspiration and I’ll be reposting the recipes, too, if you want to try making these yourself!The “nest egg” cupcakes have a delicious custard filling and the flower cupcakes have chocolate chips in the batter…how yummy is that? These cupcakes definitely taste as wonderful as they look. Stay tuned for the recipes and you’ll be able to make your own pretty cupcakes to celebrate Easter and enjoy throughout spring!

Shown: Easter Egg Nest Cupcakes and Flower Cupcakes


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