Autumn Decorating Inspiration from Pottery Barn

I found some great decorating ideas at the Pottery Barn website. It’s one of my favorite places to go idea-shopping because they always showcase their products in such beautiful ways. Most of these pictures from the site show how you can decorate with natural items (or natural-looking items), and how you can use and arrange containers to showcase these items on your tabletop, mantel, porch, or other areas of your home.This is one of my favorite ideas–filling hanging jars with acorns and votive candles in glass holders. This idea would look great on a table, too–you could use an old canning jar. Make an arrangement with several filled jars, and you have a great centerpiece!I also love the idea of using natural foliage in pottery containers or vases. It makes such a beautiful arrangement.You can also bundle up some pretty fall branches of leaves and berries. If you can’t get them to stand up nicely like the bundle shown above, arrange several smaller bundles and display them in baskets.

Here are other creative ways to fill containers and use other decorative items in your fall displays…While I was browsing the site, I also saw some autumn plates I liked. I love the fresh mix of these traditional design elements.Hmm…I just may have to make room in my budget for these! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Autumn Decorating Inspiration from Pottery Barn

  1. Karen Nogosek

    Fall is the best time of year to decorate! It really gets me in the mood for Halloween and Thanksgiving…Plus you get months out of it rather than any other holiday where the decorations only apply to one day.This year I made a center piece out of dried branches/leaves. I arranged them in a tall vase and filled the vase with achorns. It looks great in my all wood livingroom:)


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