A Cute Little Cupcake Bakery

I’m a big fan of cupcakes, and when I recently did a search on the web one day to see if “polka dots” was one word or two (it’s two), I came across this cute little cupcake bakery! I think their logo is really fun (even though they did make polkadots one word)–I like the way they put a little cupcake in the “o.” 🙂   The inside of the bakery looks really inviting–here’s a picture they have posted on their website–it originally was a house built in 1908.

This bakery is in Austin, which is quite a drive from where I live, but if I’m ever in Austin, I definitely want to go there–especially after seeing some of their yummy cupcake creations! Here’s a look at a few of them…

I like a lot of frosting on my cupcakes, so I know I would love these. If you live in or near Austin, or if you’re there on a visit and craving something sweet, this looks like a good place to try!


5 thoughts on “A Cute Little Cupcake Bakery

  1. Ann

    I’ve been to Austin several times but I didn’t know this place existed. It’s beautiful and I will go there next time I’m in Austin too.


  2. jlane03

    Hey Nancy! I love the blog… very nice!

    Did you know that there was a cupcake cafe called “Bliss” in downtown Fayetteville?
    It doesn’t have quite the same interior appeal as polkadots, but the cupcakes are fantastic and I highly recommend them.
    Plus, its a much shorter drive!

    Check them out here: http://www.blisscupcakecafe.com/

    keep up the great bloggin…


  3. Mackenzie

    I hope to have a bakery of my own someday. I absolutley love the design on the inside, the cupcakes look so delicious as well. I too love lots of frosting on my cupcakes 😀 I’ve been to Austin a couple of times and didn’t know this bakery was there. I promise that next time i’m there i will definitley look it up!



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