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Book Review: Day by Day Guided Journal

I received a review copy of this book; all opinions expressed are mine.

If you love journaling, here’s a new guided journal, Day by Day: 100 Ways to Capture Memories & Create Your Own Story by popular social media influencer Jess Conte (hardcover; Worthy Publishing). The creative and helpful prompts in this journal make it fun to record your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. And if you’re new to journaling, they’ll be especially helpful to you as you capture memories and events that make up your unique story.

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A Standard of Grace Guided Journal

I received a review copy of A Standard of Grace; all opinions expressed are mine.

First of all, don’t you just love the cover design of this journal? Even before I opened it up, I had a feeling A Standard of Grace would be something I would enjoy sitting down with (with a cup of coffee!), and taking time to reflect and write about things in my journey toward a simpler, more peaceful, grace-filled life.

If you’re wanting more calm and less crazy in your life too, this guided journal is designed to inspire you and help you along that path. It’s divided into fifty-two weekly topics to help you discover what it means to live a life covered in grace. There are lots of Continue reading