The Abundance Mind-Set

I received a review copy of this book; all opinions expressed are mine.

This gift-sized book, a little smaller than your typical book, gives you some big things to think about! It’s also a handy size to carry with you if you are planning any summer travels. Written in Joel Osteen’s easy-to-read, conversational style, The Abundance Mind-Set (FaithWords, hardcover) feels like Osteen is right there speaking to you through the pages, like an encouraging friend. I thought Osteen brought up some great things about what it means to live an abundant life. It’s uplifting and encouraging—and we all need to be uplifted and encouraged, right?

Osteen, a New York Times bestselling author and pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, talks about what an “abundance mind-set” is in the introduction of his book: “We all have vision. Every one of us has a picture in our mind of our self, our family, our future…. What does your picture look like? Do you see yourself…living an abundant life? Or do you have a picture of yourself struggling, defeated…never getting good breaks? The pictures you allow in your mind will determine what kind of life you live…. The Scripture says that as a man thinks, so is he.”

In the five chapters that follow, Osteen explains how to move toward having an abundance mind-set. He writes that God is an “overflow” God: “God is called El Shaddai, the God of More Than Enough…He’s the God of Overflow. The God of Abundance.” He reminds us that Psalm 35 says the Lord takes pleasure in the prosperity of His children. Osteen uses the Promised Land as an example of how much God wants to bless us—the Promised Land was a land of abundance…a land of “More than Enough.” Sometimes, he says, we feel like we’re in a land of “Barely Enough” or “Just Enough.” “There are going to be seasons of testing and proving…. Keep being faithful right where you are, honoring God, thanking Him.” God does have a “Promised Land,” a place of abundance prepared for each of us, in His perfect timing.

Osteen also points out that abundance and prosperity are not just about money or possessions: “Prosperity to me is having your health. It’s having peace in your mind. It’s being able to sleep at night. Have good relationships. There are many things that money cannot buy…. Jesus came that we might live an abundant life…. We should be examples of His goodness—so blessed, so prosperous, so generous, so full of joy—that other people want what we have.”

Another encouraging point Osteen makes is that God has already equipped us with all that we need to live an abundant life: “He planted ‘seeds’ inside you filled with possibilities, incredible potential, creative ideas, and dreams…. You were created for great things….You have everything you need right now to fulfill your God-given destiny.” Remembering God’s goodness and provision in your past is also important. “Every one of us can look back and see the hand of God on our lives…. God has opened doors that should have never opened for you…. He’s helped you accomplish things you never could have accomplished on your own…. Never forget what He has done.” He also explains that if you continue to live a life faithful to God, being a person of excellence and integrity, He will bring blessings, opportunities, and favor to you. “Here’s the whole key: You don’t have to seek the blessing. Seek God, and the blessings will seek after you.

The abundance mind-set comes full circle when we are willing to be used by God to be someone else’s “miracle.” As Osteen says early on in his book, “God’s dream for your life is that you would be blessed in such a way that you could be a blessing to others.” God will bring people into our lives so we can make a difference in theirs—speaking hope and encouragement, giving hugs, praying, providing for needs, or just listening and being a friend. We share God’s love out of the abundance that He pours into us. As Osteen says near the end of his book, “If you make it your business to become a miracle, God will make it His business to give you miracles. You will never lack His blessings and abundance.”

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