Black Tea Window Cleaner

Black Tea Window Cleaner @ NancyC

Who would have thought that black tea could be used as a window cleaner? I think it’s a great idea–so many people drink it, so they have it on hand, and it’s a great eco-friendly alternative to conventional chemical-laden cleaners. I didn’t come up with this idea myself–the tea experts at Choice Organic Teas, makers of organic, fair trade certified teas, told me about it and sent me some samples of their black tea to try it out! They sent me their Classic Black, English Breakfast, and Wild Forest Black teas–any black tea should work for making the window cleaner.

I used the Classic Black tea and found that this window cleaner is really easy to make. I was also surprised at how well it cleaned my windows! Here’s how you make it:


What you’ll need:

  • a clean, empty spray bottle
  • 3 tea bags of black tea
  • 1 cup of hot water

Directions: Steep tea bags in 1 cup of water for 4 to 5 minutes; remove tea bags and let brewed tea cool. Pour the cooled tea into your spray bottle. Spray on windows and mirrors and wipe thoroughly with a paper towel or cloth.

That’s all there is to it! it’s nice to be able to clean your windows using natural ingredients instead of chemicals, isn’t it? This sure comes in handy for spring and summer cleaning! Have you ever tried making your own window cleaner?

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20 thoughts on “Black Tea Window Cleaner

  1. Bam's Kitchen

    Can’t wait to try this. Actually my windows are absolutely filthy as the apartment right above us is undergoing a major renovations and so much dust. Will have to give this a try. I wonder if it would work with Chinese Puer Tea… LOL


  2. Shari

    I never knew you could use tea to clean windows! I am so glad to learn that. I really like to use natural cleaners whenever I can. I appreciate you sharing this, Nancy!


  3. justoanablog

    That’s pretty neat! I love finding ways to use natural ingredients around the house instead of chemicals. Keep up the good work, I love it. And please take a look at my site, I’m a new blogger and interested in all things sustainable, green and eco-friendly. See you soon!


    1. nancyc Post author

      Hi Hannah! Yes, feel free to use this photo with a link back and any others you may want to from this site! Thanks so much for checking with me! 🙂



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