Blackberry Picking


We’ve had lots of rain this spring and summer and everything is so green and lush and pretty. And the blackberries are growing well this year, which I’m really excited about! I love blackberries–eating them just the way they are, using them in smoothies, or baking with them. I took this picture with my iPhone—this is one of the bushes I picked blackberries from. I thought they looked so pretty the day I was picking. Can’t wait to use the berries in a few recipes—and I’ll be sharing them with you!

He covers the heavens with clouds, He prepares rain for the earth, He makes grass grow upon the hills.  PSALM 147:8 (RSV)


9 thoughts on “Blackberry Picking

  1. ohlidia

    We too love blackberries. In the country, we have loads and loads of wild blackberry bushes everywhere. More than we know what to do with, so I can’t wait for your ideas!


  2. Nelle Weaver

    Beautiful blackberries! We have a lot this year too. We’ve been freezing them for making Jam when it is a little cooler outside. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to your recipes.



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