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Potpourri in a Vintage Bowl

I have several pretty vintage bowls and they’re perfect for holding potpourri. In this bowl, I started with some inexpensive potpourri I had purchased and added some of my own dried flowers–roses and baby’s breath from a bouquet, and dried lavender and rosemary from my garden. I also like to add eucalyptus when I have it on hand.

You can mix in any type of flowers and herbs you like that dry well. I’ve used hydrangeas in potpourri, too–they’re still so pretty even when they’re dried! When the potpourri starts losing its’ scent you can freshen it up with a few drops of scented oil or spray.

From time to time I put the potpourri in a gallon-size Ziploc bag with some drops of floral-scented oil, shake the bag up a little so the oil coats the potpourri, and keep it in the bag for a few days; then the potpourri has a nice scent again, and you can just empty the bag back into the bowl. It’s a good way to make your potpourri last longer!