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Craft for Kids: TP Pals

Looking for a fun craft you can do with your kids or grandkids? These colorful creatures are made from toilet paper rolls…which we all probably have plenty off! 🙂 Just wrap some construction paper around the tube and secure with glue or tape, then glue on other facial features with craft items like mini pom poms and googly eyes…or just draw the faces on! This simple craft will give your little ones hours of amusement! Make animals, like a dog or chick, or make some funny faces! See the simple instructions below!

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Upcycling: Clever DIY Decor

I saw some very clever DIY decor projects at Country Living recently. They look pretty easy, too. There are lots of ideas, and I’m sharing a few of my favorites! Visit CountryLiving.com for complete directions.


If you like quilts, here’s a framed quilt design made out of paper! It’s a great way to use your paper scraps from other craft projects. This design was made from four different patterned papers, and they’re just glued onto an illustration board with a glue stick. Add a frame and you have a great quilt wall hanging with no sewing involved!


I thought these Lampshade Tables were a great way to upcycle old lampshades–maybe you have some in your attic you can upcycle! Or maybe you’ll find a really unique shade to use from a flea market. All you need is a little spray paint for the metal lampshade wire, the right type of glue, and a round-cut piece of glass for the top!


I love this pillow made from an old sweater–another great upcycling idea! It sounds pretty easy to make this–just cut two square pieces from an old sweater and sew together–you’ll need a pillow form, too. The flower is a bit more involved, but it’s a really cute touch!

Hope these ideas give you some upcycling inspiration! Are you working on any fun DIY projects of your own?