Book Review: Dream Big, My Precious One

I received a review copy of this book; all opinions expressed are mine.

Kids love to dream and discover, and this new children’s book, Dream Big, My Precious One (hardcover, Worthy® Kids), is filled with a message of hope and possibilities, inspiring children to dream big about their future and reminding them that God is always with them as they pursue their special dreams.

This easy-to-read story—written in a whimsical rhyme—does a great job of helping children understand that God has special plans for them, He created them for a purpose, and their dreams are planted by Him. The colorful illustrations on every page bring the story to life in such a fun way too.

The book starts out, “I love to hold you close to me, imagining all that you might be—the things you’ll do, the sights you’ll see. Dream big, my precious one.” As the story goes on, lots of different occupations are woven into the story, showing children that there are so many possibilities for their lives: “You might become a scientist, a doctor or zoologist, a nurse or archaeologist….”

It’s a great book to read to preschool-age children, and also to read with kids who are learning or have learned to read. I really like how the book teaches kids to work hard, keep trusting God, and never give up as they explore their dreams. It also reminds kids that their lives can change the world and other people’s lives for good, in ways they may never know…something we’re never too old to be reminded of!


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