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Daylilies and Hostas

Daylilies and hostas are such pretty plants! They make a garden seem more full and lush. My daylilies and hostas began to bloom during mid-May and continued to bloom through the beginning of July.

It’s always nice to see the daylilies bloom–they add such pretty color to the landscape. I have quite a few daylilies in my backyard–three different varieties that are all very hardy and come up year after year. Many were dug up and transplanted to my yard from the gardens of my mother and my friend and fellow gardening enthusiast, Eileen. Here are some pictures I took of them during their prime blooming time…

I love their vivid colors–they really brighten up the garden. I just wish their blooming time were a little longer!

I also like the soft, pretty blooms of my hosta plants. They’re subtle and delicate, in contrast to the bolder daylilies. But there’s something soothing and graceful about them as their shoots spring up and the delicate, soft lavender-and-white buds begin to form.

These plants may be done blooming, but it’s nice to have pictures to remember how pretty they were!

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