I Think I Saw a Baby Eagle


Imagine my surprise when I went for a walk in a quiet wooded area recently and saw this sweet little creature! It looked like a baby bird, but it was so big…probably at least a foot tall. I took some pictures with my i-Phone…

I thought it might be either a baby hawk or an eagle–I’ve seen eagles flying in the area before–and those feet really looked like eagle feet to me. The baby didn’t look or seem injured in any way. I didn’t know if it had fallen from a nest or why it was there. Hopefully the mama was close by. The closest I got to the baby bird was about five feet. Later on, I googled “baby eagle photos” and found a variety of different–looking baby eagles…some had yellow beaks, but some had beaks like this one…and the same coloring.


The baby bird wasn’t there when I checked back. Hopefully the baby is with mama bird.

So what do you think–could this be a baby eagle? Do any of you know anything about eagles?


14 thoughts on “I Think I Saw a Baby Eagle

  1. Ann Woodruff

    I vote yes, it is! I saw some baby eagles a few years ago at a “birds of prey” rescue center in Alaska, and it sure resembles the ones I saw. It’s too young to leave the nest, though, so I hope it’s OK.

    1. nancyc Post author

      Yes, I’m not sure how the baby got there, Ann…it didn’t look injured, and it was walking around. I haven’t seen it again so I’m hoping mama and baby are together!

  2. Colleen

    He is beautiful. Look at those claws! He sure looks like an eagle. I hope mom was close by and he is okay.

    1. nancyc Post author

      Yes, the claws were really big for such a young bird…when I saw them, I knew it was not your typical baby bird!

  3. Leslie

    This sweet baby looks a lot like the Golden Eagle chicks we had behind our house last year. You are very lucky to have seen such a cute creature up close.

  4. Eileen Dineley Baatz

    I imagine he tried to fly and ended up on
    the ground but the mother will feed him there. Possibly she can coax
    him up on a fallen tree or something. Certainly she (and the father?)
    will guard him carefully. Possibly they can pick him up and fly him
    back to the nest…just guessing.

    1. nancyc Post author

      I think there’s a good chance she did–I believe I saw where the nest was a few days after seeing him, and he wasn’t very far from the nest. You’re right–he sure is cute!

  5. Mhairi Williams

    I wonder if he escaped a predator stealing him from the nest.. I can’t imagine any other reason he would be out of the nest.. I have watched eagles grow up on the Island where I live for decades.. when they do they have a 20% unsuccessful first flight.. this one would not be fit for the flight


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