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Keep Your Face to the Sunshine


Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows.


This week, I’m remembering Selma. And this quote reminds me of her. It ties in with the tagline on her food blog, Selma’s Table: Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful…

If you read her About page, you’ll discover she was from a large extended family. She had fond memories of her growing up years, and also remembered the struggles–but the struggles didn’t seem to cloud her outlook. As Selma grew older, she continued to face changes and challenges, but she also embraced things she loved–including creating wonderful meals and raising her son. In Selma’s words, she had “warm memories woven through with food, lots of laughter and the love and encouragement that I have been surrounded with throughout the trials and tribulations that is this wonderful life…”

I never met Selma in person, but got to know her through the weekly blog link-up, Fiesta Friday. She would leave such warm, encouraging comments. She hadn’t posted any new recipes the last several months on her blog, but many times bloggers get busy and take a blogging break. I had no idea she was taking a break because she was battling cancer.

I heard earlier this week that Selma lost that battle. Sad news for those of us who were touched by her warm words, positive outlook, and inviting recipes.

Thank you, Selma, for showing us what it means to keep your face to the sunshine.

Linked to Fiesta Friday.