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Iced Tea on a Hot Day

I’ve been drinking a lot of iced tea during this hot summer weather. I’ve tried some herbal teas by Twinings of London and really like them. The three flavors that I’ve enjoyed so far are African Honeybush with Mandarin and Orange, Lemon and Chinese Ginger, and Cherries and Madagascan Cinnamon.

With flavors like that, you really feel like you’re drinking something special!

When I was on the Twinings website checking out their other tea flavors, I discovered that Thomas Twining, the founder of Twinings, opened the very first known tea room in 1706, in London. What’s even more interesting is that it’s still open today, after three centuries! It was called Tom’s Coffee House back then and it was the custom at the time for men, not women, to gather there to have coffee and tea while they socialized and met on business. Tom’s was the only coffee house that sold tea, and tea was growing more and more in popularity at that time, so Mr. Twining did very well with his shop. Today, the shop is still in the same location at 216 Strand, serving and selling tea, coffee, hot cocoa, biscuits, cakes, chocolates, and tea accessories. There’s also a little “museum” with antique teapots on display, highlights about the history of tea, and old photos of the Twinings family.

There are all kinds of teas and tea flavors you can check out on the Twinings website, You’ll even find instructions for brewing tea. Here is their recipe for making Iced Tea:

So have a nice tall glass of iced tea and keep cool this summer! 🙂

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The Primrose Bakery


While I’m on the subject of baking and cupcakes, it seemed like the perfect time to tell you about the Primrose Bakery, a quaint little place I discovered on the web. There are two locations logo2in London, and they make some really delicious–looking cupcakes. They have a cute, clever little logo, too!

It looks like just the sort of cozy place you’d expect to see in London. I found some photos on the Primrose Bakery website of the bakery itself and their cupcake creations that I thought I’d share with you.

The owners founded Primrose Bakery in October of 2004 and their cupcakes quickly became a hit. In addition to their marvelous-looking cupcakes, they also offer cakes, biscuits, handmade croissants, and other breakfast items. Wow, I’m ready to go! It looks like a wonderful place to take a coffee break or enjoy a cup of tea with a special sweet treat.

And now, what you are probably really interested in seeing are those yummy cupcakes! We’ll just have to settle for imagining how good they are…

Customers of the Primrose Bakery include U2, Kate Moss, and Jude Law, who is quoted on the website as saying, “I defy anyone to find a better cupcake.” So it sounds like they have some pretty satisfied customers! 🙂 They have even come out with a cookbook called Cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery, and you can order it on Amazon. I don’t have it myself, but I think I’d like to add it to my cookbook collection!

I’m having an irresistible urge to eat a cupcake right now…that’s the downside of blogging about food! 🙂

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More Cupcakes by Naomi

Naomi, the creative cupcake decorator I blogged about a few days ago, has a website set up for her baking business. I really like the design of the site–it’s simple and it showcases her cupcake artistry very nicely (she also bakes yummy-looking cakes and cookies). I especially like her cupcake line art in the logo.  If you visit the Hello Naomi site, you’ll see more cupcakes very artfully decorated. Here are a few that I couldn’t resist posting…

Unfortunately, Naomi has her baking business set up in her homeland of Australia…so unless you’re planning a trip there, you will not get to see these wonderful cupcakes in person. But the photos are still fun to look at!

A Cute Little Cupcake Bakery

I’m a big fan of cupcakes, and when I recently did a search on the web one day to see if “polka dots” was one word or two (it’s two), I came across this cute little cupcake bakery! I think their logo is really fun (even though they did make polkadots one word)–I like the way they put a little cupcake in the “o.” 🙂   The inside of the bakery looks really inviting–here’s a picture they have posted on their website–it originally was a house built in 1908.

This bakery is in Austin, which is quite a drive from where I live, but if I’m ever in Austin, I definitely want to go there–especially after seeing some of their yummy cupcake creations! Here’s a look at a few of them…

I like a lot of frosting on my cupcakes, so I know I would love these. If you live in or near Austin, or if you’re there on a visit and craving something sweet, this looks like a good place to try!