10 Recipes for Cinco De Mayo


I can’t believe May is here already! I’m so ready for the warm, sunny weather this month brings. And since Cinco De Mayo is almost here, I’ve been seeing lots of fiesta-ish recipes all over the place! I thought I’d do a little round-up of my own for you, so if you’re in a fiesta mood, any of these would be great!

From top to bottom and right to left (just click on the names to get to each recipe):

Fiesta Chili MacEasy Cheesy Salsa PotatoesCreamy Salsa Yogurt Dip5-Layer Mexican DipMango-Jalapeno SalsaBurrito in a CupSalsa Roll-UpsSouthwestern Black Bean SoupSavory Strawberry Salsa, and Blueberry Salsa.

Hope you enjoy trying some of these out! What’s your favorite Cinco De Mayo dish?

I’m linking this to Fiesta FridayNifty Thrifty Sunday, and Inspire Me Monday.


26 thoughts on “10 Recipes for Cinco De Mayo

  1. Sylvia @superfoodista.com

    Hi Nancy, this is a wonderful round-up of recipe – super inspiring!! We have a potluck at work on Monday and are supposed to bring a Mexican dish and I had no clue what to make, but now you helped me 😉 Thanks so much! Super gorgeous pictures as always! hugs

  2. Bam's Kitchen

    Nancy this is a great round up! I still have not and need to make your fiesta chili mac as I know my boys would just love that. Fiesta chili mac sounds like the perfect Saturday fun evening meal. What program did you use to link your photos together-awesome. Pinning now! Have a super weekend. BAM

    1. nancyc Post author

      I put all my photos together in one Photoshop document. There are probably other ways to do something like this, but Photoshop is the only way I know how! Glad you like the round-up! 🙂

  3. Nancy

    Yikes! Where to start? This looks like an absolutely delicious group of recipes, Nancy! Can’t wait to dig in the recipes and find my favorite!

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  5. Annie McPhee

    That tortilla soup you posted a few months ago would be a great Cinco de Mayo recipe also. I have made that several times vegetarian and use my immersion blender to make it super smooth.

    These recipes and pictures look pretty good too. I just made a bunch of Mexican stuff last weekend. Didn’t even think that maybe I should have waited till this week instead. My roundup included pineapple/jalapeno salsa, cheese and black bean enchiladas, refried beans, rice, and cinnamon crispas to eat with ice cream and chocolate sauce. The next night I made ahi fish tacos and used some of the leftover pineapple salsa, rice and beans on the side.

    I think I will look over your recipes and pick a few of those to make this weekend.

    1. nancyc Post author

      You’re right–I forgot about the tortilla soup! I’ll have to include that in my roundup for next year! The recipes you made sound great, too!

  6. saucygander

    Gosh, I want to try them all! The five layered Mexican dip, the salsas, where do I start?? Thank you for this round up and for lining it up to Fiesta Friday!! 😀


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