Cranberry Orange Banana Smoothie


I usually have a few bags of frozen cranberries in my freezer this time of year. During the holidays, I buy a some extra bags of fresh cranberries and freeze them so I can use them later–for recipes that I come across like this one, which I found at Williams-Sonoma. The cranberry-orange flavors in this smoothie are so good together and I used honey to sweeten it (you can also use agave nectar). It has just the right amount of sweetness and if you like cranberries, I’m sure you will love this smoothie!

yogurt-24_vanillaI like using thicker, creamy yogurts in my smoothies, like Greek yogurt, but in this smoothie I used Green Valley Organics Lactose Free Vanilla Yogurt. I had received a complimentary sample to try out, and I really liked it. This yogurt has a thick, creamy texture–perfect for smoothies! In addition to being organic and lactose free (which is important for those of you who are lactose intolerant), it’s also gluten free and has less sugar than other yogurts, so it’s very healthy!

Hope you get to try out this yummy winter smoothie–perfect for a quick, easy breakfast. Maybe not in zero-degree weather, but great for a warmer winter day! 🙂

CRANBERRY ORANGE BANANA SMOOTHIE by NancyCreative, adapted from Williams-Sonoma

Makes about 20 ounces, or 2 (10-ounce) servings

Add all ingredients to your blender and blend on high speed until smooth. Pour into glasses and serve immediately.

It feels good to eat a little healthier after all that holiday food! Are you trying to eat healthier after the holidays too?

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13 thoughts on “Cranberry Orange Banana Smoothie

  1. {Main St. Cuisine}

    I keep cranberries in the freezer too. I don’t know why I haven’t thought to combine two of my favorite flavors (cranberry and orange) into a smoothie. I’m curious (because I’ve not used it)…do you think agave is sweeter or less sweet than honey?

    Thank you so much for the inspiration today!


    1. nancyc Post author

      You’re welcome! I really like the cranberry-orange flavor combination! Honey and agave nectar seem about the same to me, as far as sweetness goes–and they’re both sweeter than sugar. Agave nectar has a low glycemic index so many diabetics prefer using it. And since agave nectar comes from a plant, it’s probably preferred over honey by people eating a vegan diet. There’s more info at this link:


        1. nancyc Post author

          You’re welcome, Allison! 🙂 I use agave nectar sometimes, but mostly I use honey if I want a substitute for sugar. I like both, though.



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