Be Joyful in Hope


This art is available on Etsy at Emily Burger Designs.

Are any of you going through a difficult time? I hope this verse, Romans 12:12, encourages you to hang in there and not give up. Know that God is with you, that He loves you, and that He will see you through this. And continue to keep on praying!


11 thoughts on “Be Joyful in Hope

    1. nancyc Post author

      Thanks for letting me know–I was actually going to post another verse, but I felt compelled to post this one instead! Praying for you!

  1. Beth

    Yes, thank you for sharing. This verse is all encompassing and the artwork is beautiful! Plan to share with loved ones.

  2. Amy

    Thank you for such an encouraging post. I have been going through such a hard time recently with someone who calls herself a Christian. It’s been a struggle to say the least. Words of encouragement are so helpful.

  3. dsgnmom

    Thank you Nancy… this came when I needed it most! God bless you every step of your journey! I am a longtime follower of yours even if I don’t comment much…. I will be praying for you.

    1. nancyc Post author

      Thanks so much-I remember you being among some of the first bloggers I met when I started! 🙂 Thanks for your prayers, and I will keep you in mine!

  4. Barbara Bamber | justasmidgen

    Oh, my, all this blogging and reading and I see above that so many of us are going through a difficult time right now. Thanks so much for sharing this.. I will pray to stay strong and keep all of you in my prayers now as well.. xx love, Barb


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